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Agape Academy

Agape Academy ® aims to prepare its students to excel as young leaders of tomorrow by combining an exclusive A Beka based curriculum tailored specifically for children with enhanced, first class child care services. Unlike our competitors, we will offer advanced technology programs, after-school tutoring, mentorship programs and activities such as music, arts, crafts, dance, theatre and ju-jitsu.


Agape Academy® is a subsidiary of Love Fellowship Christian Center, Inc. and is run by the ministry to provide first class child care to the community and to prepare children ages 0- 5 for a life of learning. It is the goal of Agape Academy® to assure that every child has the necessary fundamentals to succeed academically, socially and spiritually.


"Some of the best years in life are the time spent as a child..." As working adults in a fast paced society, we sometimes forget just how precious and enjoyable those years are.


With that in mind, imagine an alternative to traditional infant, day and after school care that not only met your child care needs, but also provided an activity based learning environment with a community of professional care givers with the credentials to not only enhance your child's early social and motor skills, but to also teach them advanced studies in the arts and sciences found at institutions of higher learning, tailored specifically for children, taught in a fun, nurturing, care giving, Christian environment.


Now imagine this at a cost less than that of the combination of conventional day care and specific interest based children programs. The place you are imagining is Agape Academy ® “Where we Love to Learn”


Agape Academy ® is a start-up comprehensive day-care exclusively for kids ages 0 to 5 years and 1st through 8th grades for after-school programs. Agape Academy ® dedicates its efforts and resources toward ensuring first class care giving services coupled with a high-quality activity based learning environment tailored for children in these age groups. Agape Academy ® will respond to the needs of its parents and students with excellent care giving and instruction, advanced curriculum and flexible programs.


Agape Academy ® has a strong commitment to accessibility and diversity. Its open door policy embraces all who desire to provide a better quality of care, preparedness and education for their children. Agape Academy ® will work to provide affordable, first-class care giving and education by providing a broad range of integrated programs and services as well as innovative learning approaches.


Agape Academy ® is committed to taking a leadership role in child care services, higher learning, community services and promoting cultural diversity. Agape Academy ® directs its activities towards student success, Christian values and excellence. 

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