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Men's Ministry


The Men’s ministry is a vital part of LFCC. We are the Priest and Kings of our homes and church. When a man/dad leads the way in commitment to a church, 93% of families follow! Men today are hurting. Most men are struggling to balance career, marriage, family, church, and community responsibilities. They live with confusing messages that do not support authentic biblical manhood. Many are living a life of conventional manhood that settles for less than what God promised in his word.
What's the Answer?
Encouragement - there are few places today where a man can find safety and encouragement for the important things of life. LFCC is and will be that place. Relational accountability, effective men's ministries are built around relationships and loving accountability the LFCC Men of Standard ministry is just that. Discipleship, every man understands and is actively involved in the disciple making process and fulfilling the Pastoral Vision of Love, Service, Evangelism and Empowerment. And we live by this creed…
We are MEN servants of the Lord, We are Men saved and called to serve, we lift our hands to thee the one that set us free, we are MEN SERVANTS OF THE LORD.
The Men of Standard Ministry Meets:
Meeting Time(s):
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Meeting Day(s):
3rd Friday of each month
Meeting Location:
All male members of Love Fellowship Christian Church are automatically a participant in the Men’s Ministry.

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