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Agape Music and Arts


The Agape Music and Arts ministries have been established to facilitate the ability of each member of the LFCC community to become intimate with GOD. Worship is about focusing on God, not God focusing on us. Music and Dance are expressions of worship as both an attitude and action. They represent our need to make praise with all of our God-given gifts. Art and Music allow us to hear the melodious sounds of God’s triumphs and envision his victories; or in the words of an old spiritual, we are reminded of "How we got over". Art and Music allow young and old alike to participate in the worship experience.
The following are included in our Art and Music ministries:
Adult Choir – a vocal praise ensemble for individuals 14 and older
Youth Choir – a vocal praise ensemble for individuals under the age of 14
Men’s Choir - a vocal praise ensemble for men of all ages ( Sing on Men of Standard Day every 5th Sunday)
Women’s Choir- a vocal praise ensemble for women of all ages
Mega Mass Choir- a vocal praise ensemble for individuals of all ages
Tru Worship Praise team
Agape Dance – a praise dance ensemble for individuals of all ages
Little Angels – Ages 2-8
Guardian Angels – Ages 9-18
Virtuous Women – Ages 18 and above
Agape Music Academy – Instrumental Music Ensemble and Vocals – a collective of musicians and vocalist playing a variety of instruments, who receive instruction from the Agape Music Academy Staff
Visual Arts Collective – individuals who design programs, the LFCC website, signage, scenery for plays, etc.

Melaine Goods - Agape Dance Ministry.jpg

Melaine Goods

Agape Dance Ministry

Audra Bush - Agape Dance Ministry.jpg

Audra Bush

Agape Dance Ministry

Joey Stallings-Music and Arts Ministry.jpg

Joey Stallings

Agape Music and Arts


Raizel Benn

Music Ministry Director

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